Fundraising & Events


The Payne Road State School P&C Association is a very pro-active association and reflects the great community spirit of our school.

Fundraising and events are organised throughout the year to raise funds for the school. We have organised and run many successful events which are a lot of fun to co-ordinate, get involved with, and attend.

Key P&C events include the following:

  • 50th Anniversary School Fair
  • Colour Runs
  • Family Fun Days
  • School Discos
  • Trivia Nights
  • High Tea Functions
  • Art Show Dinners
  • Fashion Shows
  • National Tree Day Fetes
  • Circus Carnivals
  • Holly in the Hall and Music Concerts
  • Mother’s and Father’s Day Stalls
  • Bunnings BBQs
  • Gingerbread Workshops
  • Community Events
  • Morning Teas
  • Working Bee’s
  • Our school is also one of the biggest polling booth locations with a popular cake stall, sausage sizzle and a large raffle to win on the day.

We are also extremely proud of the numerous achievements and projects the P&C have raised money for around our school.

Some of the major projects include:

  • Air-conditioning for all class rooms
  • Class Swimming lessons
  • Hearing tests for all grades ($3600)
  • Amphitheater Sound System ($2k)
  • Admin Gardens and Front Office Renovations
  • Technology upgrades (computers and Ipads)
  • High speed internet connection & wifi
  • STEAM Program
  • Our Chaplaincy Program
  • Native Bees and Bee Garden
  • The Environment Club & Gardens
  • Electronic whiteboards
  • Reading program resources
  • P&C shed
  • Drive way connecting the Hall for vehicle access
  • Additional ceiling fans, ceiling panels and painting of the old hall
  • Artificial grass area adjacent to the OSHC
  • Hall maintenance
  • School playgrounds including OSHC
  • Building of the junior school toilets
  • Open classroom learning
  • Water Tanks around our school
  • School Oval Lighting
  • Extended Roofing over the Prep area and sandpit curved roof
  • Murals throughout the school and the artist-in-residence program
  • Ongoing maintenance of tuckshop and music instruments
  • Keeping our P&C staff up-to-date with training courses and conferences
  • Staff Needs, new fridge, Hot water Zip, dishwasher and more.
  • 2 x Big Hall Fans
  • Marquees, flags and banners with school logo
  • All white folding tables and blue table clothes used around the school
  • Library/Steam Overhall / Bee Gardens and Yugari Muk – $150,000
  • School Digital Sign

If you would like to get involved and be a part of the Fundraising and Events team please let us know. This role also includes design/marketing and communications for these events – so please put your hand up if you can help us.



Fundraising & Events