The Arts Group (Previous MSG)

The Music Supporters Group has been extended into the Arts – now called The Arts Group to reflect our Arts Captains. This now includes Art and Drama as well as the Music Program. The Payne Road State School Music Program & The Arts is an integral part of the Education QLD Arts Syllabus. Drama Club is also special part of our lunch time extra curricular programs in which performances are made at school assemblies and at our school music concerts. PRSS offers many Music opportunities for students and their families to enjoy. We have several concerts a year, and the children also have opportunities to perform outside the school.

As parents we assist in the promotion and support of these programs to ensure that curriculum objectives are achieved.  Our role is to provide resources to enhance and enrich the quality, delivery and enjoyment of The Arts program. To do this, we as parents support the teachers, communicate to parents and students, and help organise concerts, fundraise etc.

General (Curriculum) music lessons are offered to all students from Prep to Year 6. Specialist Art Classes are offered to students in year 1 to year 5.

The Arts Timetable

Contact the school to see the yearly Music Supporters Group timetable of concerts, camps, performances and competitions and keep an eye out in Newsletters when Music Groups will be performing in assembly.
Drama club is offered during lunch breaks all year. Keep on eye out in Newsletters when this takes place.

Specialist music lessons are as follows:

  • Year 2, 3 – Junior Choir
  • Year 4, 5, 6 – Senior Choir
  • Year 3 – Strings commence
  • Year 4 – Band / percussion commence
  • Year 6 – Vocal Group commence

Specialist music lessons times are as follows:

  • Junior Choir – 7.50am Wednesdays
  • Year 6 Vocal Group – Morning Tea Wednesdays
  • String ensemble – 7.30am Wednesdays
  • String classes are throughout Wednesday – actual times vary each class
  • Band ensemble – 7.30am Fridays
  • Band classes are Friday mornings only – actual times vary each class
  • Senior Choir – 7.45am Thursdays

All parents are welcome to be a part of The Arts Group – whether you are arty, a performer or musically talented or not!

Contact Miranda SY or Pavel S: 

The Arts Group (Previous MSG)