The aim of the PRSS Bookshop is to assist parents at the end of the year by supplying next year’s books & stationery items at a reasonable price, and to raise funds for the school. It is a volunteer system run by a volunteer convener and other volunteers from the P&C. We are able to meet our aims by placing bulk orders for stationery and text books and packing the books ourselves. By doing this we keep the quality high and the prices low.

The big advantage of ordering through our bookshop is that it’s convenient, all your books come at once, and the job is done. No need to think about next year’s books & stationery as you will already have them packed for you ready for the new year. One less thing to worry about.

Bookshop is ordered online and all payment details are distributed to PRSS families in Term 4 each year.

NOTE: 2022 Preps do not need to purchase from Bookshop. 2022 Preps will be sent a Resource Scheme to pay for stationery/book items. 

Click Here for the 2022 bookshop list if you wish to purchase yourself.

All bookshop items are required to be collected prior to the end of the school year. Please contact Alison Brian with any questions.

Contact Alison at :